Arepas en Bici

Venezuelan Restaurant


Meet Victor

When the pandemic took away his job as the kitchen manager at The Brixton, San Francisco, Victor Aguilera saw it as the perfect time to go all-in on the cuisine of his native Venezuela. 

He launched Arepas en Bici, a compact kitchen out of his Nob Hill apartment where he delivers delicious arepas and other Venezuelan dishes all over The City by bicycle.

As a former competitive bike polo player, the bicycle delivery aspect of Arepas en Bici allows Victor to combine two of his passions: making good food and zipping around the city on wheels. 


The Food

The cornerstone at Arepas en Bici are, of course, arepas - a cross between tortilla and pancake made from ground corn grit, salt, and water.  They can be split and buttered, filled, made into sandwiches, prepared as bread to accompany a meal, or served with a dipping sauce

Venezuelan-style empanadas and tequeños are also on the menu, along with an array of other popular items.


Shredded Beed, Plantains, Black Beans & Cheddar Cheese  

Pabellon Criollo Bowl

Beef, Black Beans, Plantains, Rice with a Side of Plain Arepa


Beyond The Taste Buds

Hearing Victor's journey, we knew he needed images that will not only make online food enthusiasts want to eat their screens but also tell his story in a captivating way.

So while our food photographer and stylist worked in Victor's kitchen to shoot his menu, our photojournalist shadowed the chef over the whole day.


A Day In The Life

Victor's typical day starts at 5am and ends at 1 the next morning.

He does the shopping, food prep, cooking, delivery, and clean-up.

His fiancée, Stacy, helps with the restaurant's visual branding and occasional deliveries when she's not busy with art school.

In true San Francisco fashion, Victor sometimes uses his skateboard instead of a bicycle to fulfill near-by orders.

He offers a wide range of payment methods and always comes prepared.

Picking up some extra groceries on the way back to his kitchen.

Receiving yet another order.



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