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Meet Sophia 

Sophia Marie Poulos began her sustainable fashion journey by reconstructing her old clothes and before she knew it, found herself with a collection of upcycled outfits. 

She shared them online, launching her sustainable brand IconaWear. A month later Poulos was invited to show her work at San Francisco Sustainable Fashion Week.

Beyond the beautiful outfits, we knew Sophia's conscious creative process was the key to growing her audience and taking her brand to the next level.


The Lookbook

: Ursula Bahamondes
Eco-friendly Apparel: IconaWear


The Process

Sophia specializes in natural fabric dyeing and upcycling - the repurposing of pre-owned clothes. 

One of her methods involves creating unique patterns on fabrics by tying different bits with rubber band before soaking them in an indigo dye.

Sophia marinates a thrifted jacket in indigo solution to give it a blue hue.

She keeps fabrics submerged with a second vat and some rocks.

And then fills up the vat to prepare for another batch.



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